Annual Awards are given for REA WWDC Horse of the Year and Runner-Up in the following Categories:


Preliminary Horse of the Year

Novice Horse of the Year

Elementary Horse of the Year

Medium Horse of the Year

Advanced Horse of the Year

FEI Horse of the Year

Pony of the Year

Junior Rider of the Year

Volunteer of the Year

Member of the Year


As At July 2015

Award Criteria:
Riders must be current financial members of Wagga Dressage Club to be eligible

Only performances from Wagga Wagga Dressage Club competitions contribute to Annual Award.

All tests must gain a minimum of 55% to be eligible

Hors con Cours results are not eligible

Award period is from:  Annual Championships of one year up to and including the competition prior to the following year’s Annual Championships.

Awards are for the same horse and rider combination for the award period, except for Junior Award.

Horse Awards are given to the horse or pony with the highest point score at the end of the competition year in all classes.

Pony award is given to the pony with the highest points gained from pony classes only.

Junior Rider Award is from all tests during the award period, including junior, official, closed restricted and closed unrestricted classes, points can be gained on different horses

Points are awarded as follows:

1st     6 points

2nd   5 points

3rd    4 points

4th    3 points

5th    2 points

6th    1 point


If equal placing occurs, equal points are awarded to each horse/rider.

When a horse or pony is winning at two levels the horse or pony is only eligible for one award, being the higher level award. The lower level award is allocated to the second place getter.

In the event of equal points at the end of the year, (if there is a tie for champion) the combined highest percentage for all tests for the year will determine the Champion. The combination who is not awarded Champion will be awarded runner-up in that category. If the percentage is still even then they will both be awarded champion and no runner up is given.


Volunteer Of the Year – this is for non-members who help out at competitions by penciling, gear steward, canteen duties, running etc. The committee to nominate individuals


Member of the Year- All members (except committee members) are eligible for this award. This is for members who help out at competitions by penciling, gear steward, canteen duties, running etc. The committee is to nominate members.


An awards ceremony will be conducted to present winners with their award. This may occur in combination with another WWDC event.


Progressive results will updated after each event.