To become an REA member and take advantage of the great facilities, training, clinics and competitions you need to join just one of the REA Clubs.
The clubs have reciprocal arrangements so you don't need to be a member of all of them to take advantage of the various training days, clinics and competitions on offer. There are sometimes extra discounts for individual club members though so it can be worth supporting more than one club if you are a multi-disciplinary rider.
Don't forget that the clubs need people power to run and when you join please let the club know how you will be able to help out at training days or competitions.
REA Dressage Club

Membership year runs from July to June

Adults $45.00, Juniors $35.00, Families $70.00


Sign up here: REA Dressage Membership


REA Wagga Horse Trials Club

Membership year runs from January to December

Adult $80.00, Family $120.00


REA Showjumping Club

Membership year runs from July to June

New members fee: Ind. $40.00, Family $55.00

Rejoin fee: Ind. $35.00, Family $50.00


Sign up here: REA Showjumping Membership

REA Equine Students' Association

Membership year